PACOGI will seduce your senses with the best selected fragrances.

Emotions, Experiences, Memories,… Fragrances can bring you back to the best feelings in the world and brighten up your everyday life.

PACOGI stands for highest standards, many years of experience and passion for the business.
We always offer personal, innovative and creative products to our customers to make them smile.

Our selected range is developed and produced according to the highest standards
of the EU and - nevertheless - the best price-performance ratio.


100ml 3.33fl.oz

A fresh manly and seductive fragrance for the conscious man.


100ml 3.33fl.oz

For the modern, successfull man.


100ml 3.33fl.oz

The fragrance for the man who is diverse in life, a tempting atomique of masculinity.


100ml 3.33fl.oz

This matrix between „Hot“ and „Cold“ earth and roots mix. This is a dazzling fragrance for men with the attitude: „the best is not enough“.


100ml 3.33fl.oz

Nothing is what it seems to be with this sexy and sensitivity fragrance.


100ml 3.33fl.oz

An easy-to-wear, easy-to-love fragrance.


100ml 3.33fl.oz

Spice up your life with this exciting fragrance from Black Onyx! „Red“ passion, speed, love and determination.


100ml 3.33fl.oz

Be one, out of a million. Surround yourself with this powerfull and successfull fragrance.


100ml 3.33fl.oz

The fragrance for the strong and invincible man, for whom only victory and success comes without saying.


100ml 3.33fl.oz

A refreshing sensual and pure one fragrance to share with the love of your life or just to enjoy all by yourself.