PACOGI will seduce your senses with the best selected fragrances.

Emotions, Experiences, Memories,… Fragrances can bring you back to the best feelings in the world and brighten up your everyday life.

PACOGI stands for highest standards, many years of experience and passion for the business.
We always offer personal, innovative and creative products to our customers to make them smile.

Our selected range is developed and produced according to the highest standards
of the EU and - nevertheless - the best price-performance ratio.


100ml 3.33fl.oz

Enjoy life as a golden woman and smell like a million $.


100ml 3.33fl.oz

The magic of a beautiful flower walking as a pretty woman in the city, fragile, confident, shiny and with a strong personality.


80ml 2.7fl.oz

An alluring, classy, breathtaking fragrance which carries you to the secret oriental garden of love.


100ml 3.33fl.oz

Dancing in the rain with this fresh, seductive and femini-ne touch of this magical fragrance.


100ml 3.33fl.oz

This is like walking on a pink cloud. The reincarnation of being an irresistable, inscrutable woman of the universe.


80ml 2.7fl.oz

Shiny sparkling, a spirited extravagant sense! The pre-sence for phenomenal woman power.


80ml 2.7fl.oz

Fascintating and intoxicating, the two elements for the femine woman on the move with this highly addictive fragrance.


80ml 2.7fl.oz

Welcome to the journey that takes you to the magical world of temptation, sensation and intriging life. Dare to be obvious and decadent to a Far Eastern lifestyle.


100ml 3.33fl.oz

The turquoise colors of the sea will take your breath away. Light and blue, it‘s fresh dynamic and so are you.


60ml 2.0fl.oz

The sense for ladies, who aim at nothing else but victo-ry. Either the looks or the performance, they just wanna succeed like the Greeks from Olympia from the past.


80ml 2.7fl.oz

Romantic as it gets, it takes two to tango. This elegant and independantly woman is a good girl who follows the leader in her hopelessly devoted statement of indepen-dence.


100ml 3.33fl.oz

Flower Power it‘s all in the name. A floral, fruity combi-nation of love and adventure in a bottle.


100ml 3.33fl.oz

Everything but a „madame“. The fragrance for the tough, young and adventurise woman.


100ml 3.33fl.oz

For the fearless woman inside you! A sparkling and lively flower, oriental fragrance.


80ml 2.7fl.oz

Don‘t worry, be happy. This femine fragrance will makeyou smile.


100ml 3.33fl.oz

Step into your dream world, full of magical notes and Step into your dream world, full of magical notes andbeflowered by the explosion of positivity.


100ml 3.33fl.oz

Feel the Goddess in you with this sensual and luxurious fragrance.


80ml 2.7fl.oz

For the refreshing and unique woman, who enjoyes livinglife the American way.


100ml 3.33fl.oz

A refreshing sensual and pure one fragrance to share with the love of your life or just to enjoy all by yourself.